Colgate Magical Stories – Jinglipaapu Edition! ;)

Kavin is 2 years and 8 months old now. Has started going school and is in love with stories more than ever!! Since last few days, he has been into ‘telling’ stories rather than “listening” to them. I was more than excited to receive this amazing set of 4 Colgate packs which had sea creatures printed on the inner side of each pack. There are 4 different packs with different creatures and sea related items printed on the inside. These can be collected, cut out and set up. Our kids can use them to weave stores and to play with them. There are also certain informative trivia added about few of the sea creatures which is very interesting.


Colgate Sea Craetures Pack

Colgate Sea Craetures Pack


For my kid, it was more fascinating to see many of the sea creatures that he has seen on TV (in discovery, NatGeo, Animal Planet etc.) in a cartoon form. Few of the creatures were new to him and he was very happy to see them and to know those trivia about them.


Story Weaving with Colgate

Story Weaving with Colgate


I showed him the packs and opened up each and asked him which ones he wanted. I told him that we will cut out what he wants and then he can tell me a story based on them. He couldn’t wait for me to cut out all the four packs. So, we cut few pieces of what he wanted and started with the stories along side.


Story Weaving with Colgate

Story Weaving with Colgate


So here goes his story.. it kind of started somewhere and trailed along a very different path and ended abruptly (or so I thought!). THe session was over in morning, but even till now he keeps telling something or the other regarding the creatures or the pics.and even a shoe box in which he keeps his car is a ‘boat’ now!! ;) Lets begin…..

Jinglipaapu and Friends!

Story Weaving with Colgate

Story Weaving with Colgate

There was a Mermaid called Jinglipaapu (well, yeah! Jinglipaapu was an imaginary character in another unrelated story that Kavin had told me the previous night! He thought the name fit the Mermaid!! :-D )! She had gone to the house(he called castle a house!) far away to meet her Nana and Nani. She came back in a boat to see all her friends. On way she introduced all her friends to the ‘Uncle’. The Star Fish was her favourite and they played together for long. Star fish and Jinglipaapu danced in the sea and played games. The star fish sometimes sat on Jinglipaapu’s hair when it was tired (nice observation…the mermaid has a star on her hair!). After playing, Jinglipaau went to meet other sea creatures. To meet all other friends, the star fish came along with Jinglipaapu. They met the Turtle who was swimming into the sea. The turtle was on the TV few days back.  Then there was the puffer fish which has a mouth (Kavin was so fascinated and kept asking why it has a mouth! Lol!)… Now he understood that all creatures have mouth to eat and to talk. Then the sea hourse came tuk-tuk-tuk and spoke to Jinglipaapu. The Sword fish and Lion fish also spoke as they too have a mouth (newly noticed by us!) Inside the sea there were so manyyyyyy fishes and the boat was there on the top. The boat was sailing sailing sailing faaarrrr away. Jinglipaapu went swimming with all her friends because they are inside the sea. Thennnn….. there was this caaarrrr….went vrooooooooommmm…. *Kavin got up…grabbed his car from sofa and started running around the house!!!* (Me- heyyy what happened to Jinglipaapu?? Kavin – Jinglipaapu is driving in hotwheels car…..whoooooooo!!!)

Umm..well, yeah! so that is it!! :-D

*END of story*


After that I cut all other pieces from the packs and kept them in a box. In the evening Kavin took them out, arranged in a zigzag line and introduced his car and Jinglipaapu to all other creatures and surprisingly he mentioned the trivia that I had told him. For e.g. when he introduced octopus, he said that it changes colour and when he showed puffer fish, he said it drinks water and swells up. Awesome, right?! I was so happy that colgate had come up with this idea and my kid was so responsive and interactive with it. The story might not have been a very cohesive one but it was interesting to see him think and spin together a story using what he has in hand plus what he had seen on TV few days back and his imagination. :)  The story telling part was not over with this Jinglipaapu and friends, rather has become an ongoing story telling process!! :)

To know more about colgate products, visit their website at:

Importance of catching up on lost growth!!

Recently, I had a discussion with one of my friends about child’s growth and the importance of reaching growth milestones on time. On how we mothers get worried when our kids do not hit the growth milestones on time not only mothers but everyone around us. Well, of all the things, isn’t our kid’s good health and growth our very main focus? We all try and keep a tab on our kid’s growth. We ask other parents, our paediatricians, research online, stalk all parenting and baby blogs to compare our kid’s growth, to get a better idea of whether our kid’s growth is on track or not, to be well informed about and to be sure in every possible way that our child is not lagging in his/her growth. I myself have done all this. Whenever we take out kid to the doctor, the very first question that I ask him is whether my son has appropriate height and weight for his age. Whether his activities are appropriate for his age or not. And after all general questions get a positive response, we move on to other things during his check-ups. Every time I used to ask my doc about my son’s growth…so much that now he himself tells abiut my son’s growth the very forst thing on our appointments!!

Whenever I meet my friends or colleagues and we get down to discussing kids, the major concern seems to be the kid’s growth. Out of 10 almost 8 mums crib that their kids don’t eat properly and that they are concerned about his/her growth. Everyone seems to be trying something or the other to catch up on the kid’s lost growth. Many people have been trying and trying for months together to feed their kids different types of food/veggies/fruits etc to stimulate faster growth and many many mothers lose sleep on how to make their kids eat and to catch up on any lost growth. Parents remain worried that their child is under weight or short in height as per he age. To make sure that our children have appropriate growth as per their age, we parents are always ready to try out anything that seems to work, especially food that promises to fasten the child’s growth. I have this colleague whom I randomly met in cafeteria one day and all she could talk to me was about how her son is reaching growth milestones very late and that he is not eating at all. She get going on and on on how she has tried everything under the sun to make him eat but nothing works. She was worried that for the past 2 months, her doctor kept telling her that her son is slightly underweight and a little short for his age. She had even taken off for a week and another week of working from home to make her son to eat something at least so that he can catch up on the lost growth. I could see that she was totally restless and may be sleepless over how to catch up on her son’s growth.

I totally agree and empathise with the concerns that parents have about their child’s growth. I can not down so many reasons for you to be very careful and serious abkut the growth of your child:
1. Appropriate growth as per age is an indicator that our child is getting optimum nutrition and is not underfed or overfed.
2. Growth milestones are almost always directly related to our child’s immunity and health. If our child reaches his/her growth milestones as per age at appropriate time, it might implement a good healthy body with proper immune system and good development. Only when a child achieves his growth milestones in an appropriate range of age, can we be assured of our child’s good health. Delay in these might affect the health of the child.
3. Our child’s growth and health is also related to the development of their other skills. Our kids might delay in achieving other developmental milestones if they are already delayed in growth. Which in turn takes our concerns several notches up.

We parents will almost always be concerned about our child’s general health, social development, immune system, other skills etc. If our child is logging in his/her growth. Even if our child is very slightly delayed, our concerns will still be enormous. In my opinion, as soon as we find out that our child is probably slow on his growth, we should immediately take measures to improve our child’s growth by consulting with our paediatrician and focusing and planning child’s diet accordingly.

But frankly, more often than not, getting our kids to eat what we want them to eat is probably the toughest things ever!! So we always have to look for alternatives that deliver what the child is missing in the diet. So another option is to look for dietary supplements. And most my friends find adding a spoon or two in their child’s milk is something that works well. There are many of those available in India. However, I would suggest consulting with your paediatrician before adding any supplements to your child’s diet. :) hope all our kids attain all their growth milestones on time and be healthy and keep us free of all worries!! ;)

Horlicks is also coming up with a new “Horlicks Growth+”. In their own words:
“Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months.”
To know more about it, visit their official website:

Introducing Datsun Redi-GO!!

Datsun is launching its new Redi-Go very soon and we cannot be any less excited. As Datsun gave us this change to explore the features of this car on their website and to pick three of its features that appeal to us the most and describe why! While I browsed the website and read through the features of Redi-GO, the more I read, the more interested I got!! As much as it has the features that sound common to us, it also has its unique features which makes you wanting to jump on and take this one for a long ride.. :)

Datsun calls Redi-GO as: Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. Well, going through the features of Redi-GO surely did sound like an “Urban Cross”!! The added features that Redi-GO comes with, makes it perfect for use in urban setting now.

Starting with the Exteriors of the Redi-Go car, nowadays, each car is launched trying to look better than the other. I am not much into ‘only’ the looks of a car. But Redi-GO surely is a stunner.  It looks catchy, sharp and elegant! It has an edgy look which will surely make it look stunningly unique in traffic!! Redi-GO having a High Stance, will put our head and shoulder above those around us and would give a wider view of the road as well the surroundings, which is a total plus for me! Well, who doesn’t like having a heightened stance on road (also in general ;)).

Datsun Redi-GO exterior
Datsun Redi-GO exterior


Additionally, Datsun Redi-GO has a high ground clearance! That would prevent some heartbreaking thuds that our dear cars go through while passing over an ill-built speed breaker and all the potholes. With roads being constantly dug up for one reason or the other, having a high ground clearance is a must for all cars nowadays and Datsun Redi-GO surely checks that pointer on the list!! Below is a pic of the Redi-go with details of the ground clearance and the approaching and departure Angles. Sounds good to me…


Datsun Redi-GO_Ground Clearance
Datsun Redi-GO_Ground Clearance


If we move on from the beautiful exterior and look at the interiors, I am in Love with the ‘dashing’  Dash Layout. It looks so chic and modern!!


Datsun Redi-GO Dash Layout
Datsun Redi-GO Dash Layout


When we talk about the driving comfort, being new to driving, one great feature that I spotted without blinking was the “Shift Indicator“. Which shows the idea time to shift for maximum efficacy and performance of the car. Also gives me more reasons to ride this car on my own rather than pushing the keys to someone else! ;) Also, in the humid and hot Chennai climate, the superior Air Conditioning is a total plus with integrated center AC vent making sure to spread 50% of the cool air to the rear passengers is very much appealing too!! :)

Making a full turn around with a turning radius of 4.7 meters is totally awesome!! With urbanization and incresing space constraints makes itt diffcult to drive around streets or tight spots. but with such a small turning radius, small streets or tight spots can never bother us!! :)


Personally, I would like to test drive Datsun Redi-GO on chennai roads. Chennai roads can surely test Redi-Go thoroughly for all it’s claimed features. I would mainly like to see how it fairs on the ground clearance, air conditioning(uff the Chennai heat!) and also for the small turning radius. Seeing the latest trends in the real estate in Chennai, almost all the buildings have such small space for turning car into parking lots that the RTO should rather conduct driving tests here than on their standard plain grounds to grill a driver’s skills ;) I am not into much of the technical details of a car and I tend to leave those to hubby, so these are what I would be bothered about and try and test!! :)


I have high hopes that Datsun Redi-GO might fair pretty well in all the aspects that it has claimed to provide. Also, last but not the least, as in all Datsun cars, the safety aspect is well sorted which gives the customer no concern over safety.


Bookings are open for Datsun Redi-GO. It can be booked at nearest dealership or at Datsun India App. It can also be booked at Snapdeal (how cool is that!!). :)


Here is a video:


My idea of perfect vacation with my kid….


How are you all lovely moms doing?!! Hope all happy and content!!

I am finally back with a post after agessssss….. I have not been spending much time here because most of my ‘free’ time goes into my other new blog called Curlcious. Anyway, now that has given this opportunity, I could not skip it and had to come back here and write a post!! :)

So, I need to be writing about “My idea of a perfect vacation”…..The moment I read this, there was only one thing that popped to my mind. Only one destination where I would really really reallyyyy like to take my kid to. I have always wanted to take him there. After going there for a short trip alone, I am now too desperate to take my kid there!! The awesome destination where I want to take my kid to is Delhi….Now, you might have expected it to be an international destination….But no… I want to take my kid to Delhi…. Because I was born and brought up there… I have a deep rooted connection with this incredible city. This city is an integral part of my life.  I want to show him the city where I spent 20 years of my life.

He is just 2.5 years old. I am just waiting for him to grow up a little more so that he can understand and remember and enjoy the trip and explore my childhood place with his view point. :) Planning ahead, this is how I would go about the trip:


Since travelling with kids needs to be stress-free and hassle-free, I would plan entire trip in advance and keep itinerary ready. Everything, from the stay, places to visit, cabs, trains tickets, flight tickets etc., will be planned ahead. I would like to cover maximum places in one trip and give him one whole essence of the “Dilli-Meri Jaan”!!

  • Decide on the number of days and the dates
  • Explore all available Domestic Flights
  • Check out all the Flight Schedules
  • Book tickets well in advance
  • I already have invitations from friends to come and stay over with family (they will be offended if i take up a hotel. So I already know where I would be staying). Otherwise I would check for travel packages or hotels at and book those too.
  • I would plan for an evening flight, so that we reach Delhi at night, catch up with friends whom I am staying with and take rest at night
  • Start the trip fresh from next morning!

From Chennai to Delhi:

  • Book a cab (previous day itself) for home to airport, keeping buffer time, so that we reach the airport well in time.
  • Do web check-in, so that I do not have to stand in queue with my anxious little one.
  • Take few books or toys for my kid to keep him occupied during the flight hours.
  • Flight from Chennai to Delhi
  • Book a cab from airport to the place of stay
  • Reach home, chit-chat and sleep

Day 1 in Delhi:

  • Take a local sight seeing bus tour to cover all the major monuments and places in Delhi

Day 2 in Delhi:

  • Book a cab for whole day.
  • Start early in the morning.
  • Take my kid to places where I grew up.
  • See if my older neighbors are still around and pay a quick visit.
  • Plan in advance and catch up with my old buddies staying in that locality.
  • Then I would take my kid to the school I studied in. Show him my classrooms and playgrounds.
  • On our way, all the while, I would make sure we make a stop for snacks, food, juices or treats at all my favourite dhabas, restaurants, hangout joints etc.

Day 3 in Delhi:

  • Show him around Connaught Place & Chandni Chowk in the morning
  • The local shopping places, the awesome inner circle and outer circle, my favourite cafes
  • Chandni Chowk ki galiyan, have paranthas at the Paranthe-wali gali, have those traditional purani dilli chaat and mithais
  • Plan the evening with friends

Day 4 Delhi to Agra:

  • Take early morning train to Agra
  • Book the local sight seeing bus tour
  • Cover all the awesome places in and around Agra
  • Be dropped off at the Incredible Taj Mahal in the evening!!!
  • Show my kid the beauty of the monument.
  • Spend a laidback evening in this incredible place till the visitors time is over
  • Take my kid to the Panchi Sweets shop and get pethas (especially the Paan petha)
  • Explore the streets of Agra and show him the city and nice people
  • Take night train back to Delhi

Day 5 Delhi to Jaipur:

  • Take a trip to Jaipur with friends
  • Cover all the beautiful palaces and places in Jaipur :)
  • Go to Chowki Dhaani in Evening.
  • Be back to Delhi by night

Day 6 in Delhi:

  • Spend some lazy time with friends
  • Do some local shopping
  • Pack our bags & luggage and be ready for the evening flight
  • Reach Chennai by night


Then take rest and cherish and relive the moments and memories of this awesome trip forever. Tell  my kid stories of my childhood wherein he can relate to the culture place and the awesomeness of Delhi!!! :) Also if possible, I would like to take this trip every year!!

Cultivating Real Togetherness…

My parents, brother and parents live in 3 different cities. My dad has retired, however me, my mom and my brother all being working, get very few days to spend together. Majorly only during holidays and vacations. This time me, my baby and parents are spending this pooja holidays at my brother’s place. After many months we all got together and spent some quality time. Usually when we spend time under the same roof, we have such an awesome time. We chat, play games, catch up on each others’ lives in real time and enjoy to the best.

This time, when we came together, the very first day went by without much happening. On the second morning, we all noticed that a whole day had passed by and we had not spent any time together. When we thought about it, we had just spent most of the times on our smartphones. Now-a-days, having incredible access to technology, a smartphone, wi-fi and data plan has become an integral part of everyone’s life. While I login and work from home, my baby always comes around while taking break from his toys and plays to chat, talk or play. However, once he grabs hold of my phone, there is not even a single movement from him for hours together. 

Once we had found the root cause, we decided to not let the technology interfere with our get together and to make the most out of it. Being a Sunday morning, we decided to go for a long walk to a nearby lake which has a pavement built all along the lake’s boundary. We werw not sure if it was worth spending time at the lake for a walk. We even thought of replacing the lake visit with a walk at the terrace. However, my brother insisted that we do go to the lake. So unwillingly and being unsure we all dragged ourselves to the lake. On the way, da explained to Kavin(my baby) that we were going to a lake for a walk and what Kavin could expect to see at the lake. Kavin got all excited and was so happy at the idea of visiting a lake.

As soon as we entered the gates of the lake area, me , my brother and dad took out our smartphones to click the beautiful lake from various angles. Oblivion to the fact that my baby was feeling lost an was not able to see the water, birds or anything that his granddad had explained to him sometime ago, we clicked away happily. Suddenly my mom noticed that we were once again letting out smartphones take over the real life experience. She made us realize that we were not enjoying the natural beauty in real time. So we made a pact to put away our smartphones and not to let them take over our time together. 

Then on, we could actually focus on what was in front of us. The lake was such a beauty. There was a huge piece of land in the middle of the huge lake which was covered with thick flora and fauna. There were innumerable birds resting on the trees on the trees all around the lake. So many varieties of the birds could be seen in the water, trees and lands surrounding the lake. As we pointed out all to Kavin and discussed and shared our knowledge of flora, fauna and nature with him, it made us realize how much we could have missed if we had stuck to our technologically advanced smartphones. What started as a short walk, ended up being a nice long walk comprising lots of running, catching and enjoying every moment of it.

As I saw my baby, sibling and parents bonding over the beauty of nature, I realized how much it means to spend some real time together. Real togetherness doesn’t come from clicking smart pics with our smartphones or from sharing over social media. It comes from the time spent in real time with each other. Nature is such an integral part of lives and that one visit to the beautiful lake amde us realize the worth of real togetherness. Since then we have made sure to visit so many other naturally beautiful places in Bangalore and made our bon stronger and stronger along with teaching Kavin to get closer with the nature. :)

Here is Kissan’s initiative to encouraging real togetherness:

Here is a video made by Kissan that so nicely sums up today’s digitally dominated generation and the how putting down technology to get together in real sense can bring sheer happiness. :)


Checklist for the Last Trimester (or Month) of Pregnancy

Today I am quickly gonna dive onto the topic. I have collated a list of things you would need to pack for hospital. Hope I have covered majority of the stuff. If not, please feel free to add up in the comments section below, I will update this list. So, what to pack for the hospital? Here you go…

List of hospital essentials

For Baby

To take:

  • Diapers – 1 60 pieces pack or 3  20 pieces packs(for easy packing)
  • Wet wipes
  • Quick dry sheets (if you are not using disposable diapers)
  • Baby soap
  • Baby shampoo
  • Towels – 2/3
  • Cotton dresses – 7/8 or more (already washed few times)
  • Onesies (few, if required)
  • Bibs/cotton small towels (to wipe mouth after feed or spit outs etc.)
  • Wrapping blankets/Receiving blanket
  • Wrapping towels
  • Booties & mittens
  • Woolen  clothes (if required in as per the climatic conditions during expected month of delivery)
  • Bed spreads (soft cotton or silk) to spread on baby’s cot in hospital and home
  • Bed sheets or blankets to wrap baby & keep baby warm

Whatever clothes you buy, wash them and keep them ready for use. Do not use straight from the store.

Later at home requirements:

  • Bedding – according to the bed that you use for baby – Cot or thottil or crib
  • Bed spreads
  • Blankets
  • Quick dry sheets
  • Massage oil – extra virgin olive oil or almond oil. Baby massage oil will also do
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos



 For mom:

To take:

Whatever clothes you buy, wash them and keep them ready for use. Do not use straight from the store. (Yes i wrote it twice! coz it applies to both your and baby’s dresses)

  • Maternity gowns (for home)
  • Maternity kurtas/tops (for outings; makes feeding in public easier)
  • Maternity bras
  • Inners
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Handwash
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Towels – 2/3
  • Hand towels
  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth paste
  • Comb
  • Pillows – 2-3 (even though hospital provides, keep extra for self and for use while feeding baby)
  • Bed spreads (in case you require extra)
  • Blankets (if required)
  • Shawls/stoles (to keep warm) – 3
  • Any other clothes as per the climatic requirements
  • Bathroom slippers/home slippers (comfy ones)


For person staying along: (pack a separate bag)

  • Extra clothes for changing on all days at hospital
  • Night gowns
  • Towels
  • Tooth brush
  • Soap/shampoo(if required separately)
  • Pillows
  • Bed spreads
  • Blankets/stole
  • Any special requirements (reading glasses, medicines etc.)



  • Torch (just in case) – coz there is sometimes lag between the power cut and the back up being up. Cannot leave baby in dark
  • Phones
  • Chargers
  • Some biscuits/snacks – comes in handy for atleast the person staying along
  • Tissues (dry/wet)
  • Extra towel
  • Water Jug
  • Water Bottle
  • Thermal flasks – 2 (1 for hot water and 1 for getting tea) (If you don’t prefer the hospital provided ones. Also, not all hospitals provide them)
  • Disposable cups, plates & spoons


Now here are few points that we should consider doing in the last trimester. These are based on my own experience.


  • By last trimester, make sure you have two bags packed and kept at a designated place and everyone in the house must be aware of it. So that when it is time to go to the hospital, there is no panic or hustle to search for things to take to the hospital. 
  • Two bags -1st for baby and mom. 2nd for person staying along at hospital post-delivery & Misc. things 
  • Towards the last few weeks, make it a habit to put the mentioned things in the hospital bags after use – your chargers, tooth brush, combs (anything from the above list that you might be using on daily basis)
  • Decide clearly regarding who is going to stay with you for those 3 days in hospital and pack a bag for them based on their requirements [e.g. If they take any medications, make sure you get an extra stripe (apart from the ones they are using) and keep in the bag packed for them.]
  • DO NOT keep anything to pick up at “last moment”. Everything should be ready and handy by mid of 3rd trimester
  • Check with the hospital, in advance, if they require you to bring anything or have any special requirements. For e.g.:
    • Whom to call when you want to come in for delivery. (or do you need to call?)
    • Do you need to bring anything for the “in-labor” or “post-labor” time
    • What are the procedures for coming in at odd timings. i.e. late night or early morning deliveries
  • Keep some money in the bags packed for hospital.
  • Write down few important phone numbers in a piece of paper and keep in the hospital bags.


Mandatory Points:

  • Have discussion with family members and form a plan for “when the time comes” regarding:
    • Who is going to drive
    • Who picks the bags
    • Who takes care of the mom-to-be
    • What route do we take to the hospital
    • Who all need to be informed
    • Who will make the calls
  • Have a discussion with your hubby on how friends and family are going to be informed.
    • What kind of message or SMS or wordings would you want to send out when you inform near and dear ones J
    • What if it is a boy and what if it is a girl?
    • You can even save a draft in advance! :-D
    • Would you want to post it on fb/social network?
    • Any other related question
  • Make a list of all the friends and family members you would need to inform to. (you would not want to leave anyone out) – can even make a list on priority basis ;)
  • Also,if the mom-to-be is working, make sure of the below points: 
    • Give your spouse the contact numbers of all seniors or colleagues who have to be informed officially to your spouse
    •  Be sure of the Maternity Leave details in advance and plan accordingly.
    • Ivestigate the procedure to add baby in official records. Check with your HR regarding the policies.  For e.g., my HR required me to add baby’s details in the HR portal within 7 days of baby’s birth.
    • The medical Insurer in office needs to be informed so that the baby can be added to the insurance policy.
  • Check the procedure to apply for the Birth Certificate in the region where your hospital is located. It is a MUST. In Chennai, Birth Certificates can be applied online. However, in Madurai, we have to personally go, apply and collect from the corporation office.   

Hope this gave you some idea and guidance regarding what all you would need to think about and do in the final weeks when you have nothing to do but to wait for the D day to come!! :)


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